Margo's Health and Beauty Salon !

Centrally located in Paarl, 22 Klein Drakenstein Rd.

I am extremely proud to have established my Health and Beauty Salon as a place to relax, renew and uplift your spirit, from the inside out.

I offer massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures an, hair removals and many more ...

Please feel free to come and say hi and discover all the health and beauty services I offer.

My vision:

To empower women through health and beauty treatments.


Because we are always taking care of others, working so hard be it as grandmother, mother, wife, business women, girlfriend, career minded ladies, running the daily household and/or business and never making time to spoil ourselves or to take care of our bodies.

To invest in yourself and in your body
can truly say does wonders
for your body, mind and soul.

My office hours

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Visit my salon and let a qualified beautician take care of you.
To book an appointment online click here or call or whatsapp 083 500 4205  or email.